About The Brain Exchange

What is the Brain Exchange?

idea” Please help me” are three of the most powerful words in the English language, according to therapist Cathy Conheim. People like to help others, they like to feel generous, especially if they share something in common (a spiritual connection, a shared belief, devotion to a common cause, etc.) For those asking for help, there is strength in vulnerability, providing an opportunity to connect with others in compassion and generosity. We create powerful bonds when we ask for help — as well as when we give it.
~ BJ Gallagher, facilitator of the Los Angeles Brain Exchange

The Brain Exchange is a quarterly, open-ended brainstorming group for women in Santa Fe. Affiliated brainstorming groups are emerging all the time! People brainstorm about relationships, in-laws, children, quality of life questions, career questions, marketing strategies, entrepreneurial ideas, titles for the books they’re writing and names for their babies.

Brainstorming is an opportunity to meet like-minded women, to give and receive support for work and personal issues, and to network. It’s a process that encourages people to share their new projects, their concerns, their hopes and fears, and to explore transitions. We use a structured process and traditional brainstorming guidelines to generate answers to questions.

What is a Typical Meeting Like?

ideaSome people recognize a great resource when they see it, and they dip into it frequently. Others prefer to use the network only on rare occasions – that’s their choice and it’s just fine, too. It’s kind of like the Wizard of Oz – everybody gets something different but everyone gets what they need. I love this!!
~ BJ Gallagher, facilitator of the Los Angeles Brain Exchange

idea“Wisdom blast” has been used to describe some meetings!

People start arriving at 6:30 for a half hour of socializing; we are committed to beginning the brainstorming process at 7:00. We take a fifteen-minute break, and finish at 9:00 or when we’ve had the max amount of questions (up to eight).

We start with a check-in: each person in the circle has one minute to say her name, and something about ‘what’s up’ in her life right now.

During the check-in, you’ll have a chance to think about:
Do I have a question I want brainstormed?
Do I want help formulating a question?

We typically brainstorm several questions in an evening (as many as eight).

Formulating the Question (up to five minutes per question)

If you have an idea for a question, the group will help you refine it into a question. You give us the basic information (no long stories) and we’ll work until we create a question that feels right to you.

Brainstorming (five minutes per question)

You, the questioner, have only to sit back and let the group swing into action. Be receptive, no ‘yes-butting’ – and don’t make faces!! We’ve noticed that the flow of ideas stops if the questioner is perceived to be judging them. Someone will take notes and you will receive them by email in the next day or so.

People will call out action ideas in brief sentences or phrases, following the brainstorming guidelines. Those brainstorms may suggest an action to take, someone to call, an organization to contact, a resource to read or some other way of moving closer to your goal.

Here is a more detailed description of the Brain Exchange guidelines for brainstorming.

How We Stay Connected

idea“It’s also been a wonderful surprise to receive e-mails from members I’ve not yet even MET, with excellent and helpful suggestions for expanding my business. “

idea“I told someone once that being part of BE was like having 450 fairy godmothers. It’s such a lovely feeling… truly magical…. to be connected to so much good will — and the desire to give back is spontaneous, the way one experiences in the best of friendships, except in many cases these are people I’ve never even met.”

idea“Two days ago you posted an email from me asking about homeowners’ insurance. I’ve already had 15 responses. You provide an invaluable service. ”

ideaIn response to my posting I got a call from a wonderful young man who came last night – spent the night – and was ultimately responsible for us getting our proposal in on time. This is at least the fourth time that the network has had a significant effect on my life. Unbelievable. If only Oprah knew the whole story!! Congratulations.
I need someone who can help me format a proposal electronically with all the attachment and appendices that are required by the government. The proposal is due tomorrow at noon – so this is an expedite.)”

idea” I just wanted to tell you: within 36 hours after sending you the posting about my Paris flat, I’ve already received 3 or 4 inquiries! Talk about effective! ”

Each months’ brainstorms are sent out to everyone who has ever attended a meeting (if they’ve chosen to be on the list). The brainstorming continues as women who were not at the meeting offer their suggestions through the Santa Fe Women to Women Community.

Here is just a sample of the kinds of postings that have elicited email responses.

Please help me find a:

computer expert
handy person
specialized software
house sitter
place to live
life partner
support group
fabric store
graphic designer    financial advisor
French tutor
renter/buyer for my home
vacation rental