Fruit Salad: Group Brainstorming Sessions
Fresh, Juicy Ideas

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Listen. Learn. Share.

11-110730_fruits-clipart-house-fruits-and-vegetables-clip-artJoin us for bi-monthly zooms of Fruit Salad sessions where you find valuable answers to your questions, inventive solutions to your problems AND help others do the same.121-1211671_plum-fruit-clipart-plum-clip-art

We’ll moderate a session for 1 to 1-1/2 hours depending on our group size. In advance of the session, each person sends in a brief background of their situation if needed and then a question, such as “How do I market my business?”, or “How do I self-publish a book?” or “How do I de-clutter my house and feel more organized?”depositphotos_4798661-stock-illustration-three-cherries-on-a-branch

Each question will be presented to the group, who will take a few minutes to jot down ideas, going for “off-the-top-of-your-head” notions. Then we’ll go around the room with the suggestions. As more ideas come, write them down to share.

No criticisms.

4524996_orange-fruit-png-fruit-clipart-orange-logo-pngQuirky ideas are welcomed and built upon. Sometimes the best results come from the wildest thoughts.

The result will be dozens of succinct answers to each question, ranging from the practical to the far-out, helping develop a rich array of fresh, juicy solutions.

This is your opportunity to meet others looking for answers and thinking outside of the box!  We created Fruit Salad sessions to help you succeed, while you help others do the same. Think of it as a roundtable of solutions towards success!

Voila! Fruit Salad!!

Upcoming Session Date:
Wednesday, May 19, 2021 from 5:30 – 7P pm MST

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“Fruit Salad provided me a safe comfortable place to bounce around a life goal idea that I have been struggling with.  I felt the other women in the group actively listened and gave me sage wisdom from a caring concerned place that was truly helpful!  Thank you Fruit Salad!!” — Sheri C.

“It was so informative and helpful to hear all the different perspectives and ideas exchanged by the group.” — Jackie G.