Bulletin Board

Welcome to our Community Bulletin Board for Santa Fe Women to Women, featuring a Vibrant, Expanding Community Network for Events, Support and Services in the Santa Fe, New Mexico area.

The intention of Santa Fe Women to Women’s Bulletin Board is simple but can have a powerful impact. There is the potential to find roommates, jobs, friends, support in hard times, or a sense of belonging as a new resident to Santa Fe. It’s a way to connect and share and spread the word in your neighborhood, your town. Message posting on our Bulletin Board Pages comes from members of Santa Fe Women to Women, so please share whatever interests you. Our categories are Events, Classes & Meetings, Items for Sale/Free/Wanted, Employment Offered/Wanted, Pets, Housing, Products & Services, Philanthropic and Non-Profit and Inspiration/Gratitude.

If you have a Service or Business to announce, you can post to the relevant category as a Commercial post or Advertise with a Logo ad. Basically, if you are making money on what you want to post about then that is a Commercial Post. Click Here for Pricing.

Events, Classes & Meetings

Post for free any organized activity that happens at a specific time and place which is non-commercial. (A commercial post is anything that promotes your business, workshop, class, etc. and generates money for which there is fee is $7 per post and it remains on our Bulletin Board for one month.)

For Sale, Free or Wanted

Resale, Garage Sale Announcements, Free or Wanted items. Sell your personal stuff here, promote yard/garage sales, offer trades/barter of goods, announce giveaways, and items wanted. Non-Commercial postings are free. Commercial postings are $7 per post and remain on website for 1 month.

Employment Offered or Wanted

Part-time or full-time employment positions offered or wanted. Free to post

Professional Products & Services – Commercial

Promotional items and services advertised for a fee of $7 per post per month.


Anything local to do with non-human life forms. Free to post unless it is a commercial product for sale.

Inspiration & Gratitude

Selected bits of Inspiration and Gratitude. Share what inspires you and be nourished by what inspires others. Brief original and forwarded content welcome!

Rentals/Housing Wanted

Are you looking for a roommate? Need housing? Have a rental to list?  Here’s the place for you.

Philanthropic Organizations/Non-Profits

Anything charity related.