I Want S’More

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I Want S’more!

I went to the Food Truck Festival and had dessert at The S’more Pit. Fun & Yum! FYI, they do pop-ups, parties and special events. (photos by Katie Rountree)

** The S’More Pit is a Santa Fe start-up that offers homemade, organic S’Mores complete with campfires over which to roast your mallow. Their graham crackers are both gluten-free and paleo-friendly, and use no corn syrup in their marshmallows – only local honey.  Check em out at www.thesmorepit.com and follow @thesmorepit on fb/instagram/twitter.

Cool Pick of the Week:


Contemporary ITALIA in the  Heart of the Southwest!

​…a celebration of Italian films, culture and food to benefit the non-profits “Cooking with Kids” and “Communities in Schools”.

June 1 – 5

Films are at Jean Cocteau Cinema. Food and Wine events are at various locations in town. Click Here for the schedule

Cool Posts to Share:

  • Building Homes for Families: St. Bede’s Episcopal Church sponsors a team each year to build a house for a family living in extreme poverty in the Ciudad Juarez, Mexico area. They are celebrating the silver anniversary, their 25th house built since 2000, with the house that will be built in early 2018. A generous member of the 2017 team has offered a challenge grant of $1,000 to be met by June 15 and they welcome contributions of any amount to the Challenge.  Checks can be made out to St. Bede’s Episcopal Church, with Juarez Challenge Grant in the memo.  Send to St. Bede’s Episcopal Church, 1601 S. St. Francis Dr., Santa Fe, NM 87505.
  • Rescuing Baby Elephants: A friend left this week for Africa and asked if I could pass along info about this organization that rescues baby elephants when their mothers have been brutality murdered. If interested, take a look at the video link of footage of the individual rescues; it’s heartbreaking & heartwarming.  It’s only $50 a year to adopt an elephant & you can decide which one resonates with you by watching the individual video clips of the rescues.  If you decide to adopt one let me know and my friend will personally take a video for you of your baby ele. http://www. sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/ asp/fostering.asp?gclid= Cj0KEQjwx6TJBRCWtsiXpI7bhOYBEi QA1en3F0yRaIn13hy0EsTfkInqEHH4 VuGgFJWTXTV-twumZ2MaAnod8P8HAQ
  • Mark Your Calendars for our next 100 Women Who Care meeting on Aug. 2nd (we’re going back to Wednesdays) and to a new location, The Hotel Santa Fe, in the Kiva AB Ballroom from 6 – 7 pm.
  • Need Help Around the Yard or With Your Tech Stuff? My sweet son Wyatt (home from college for just a week, June 8-14, before he leaves for India) is looking to make a little extra $ for his trip. He’s a hard worker. And if you need help with your phone, computer, remote control, blue tooth or any other mysterious gadget, he’s your guy. (Trust me on that one!) Email me to schedule. Thanks!

Cards-of-DestinyBook a Mystic Science Reading or private session with award-winning author, Sharon Jeffers. Sharon is known for her amazing accuracy with this mystic science, which is more personally accurate than astrology & numerology, & embodies both of those sciences within it as well. Sharon is also a fourth generation clairvoyant, and psychic medium. She will be in Santa Fe for a visit from June 26 – 28 & is offering special pricing on readings & private sessions for Cool List membersEmail me to schedule or for more info.

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