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dogsFrom Heart & Soul Animal Sanctuary: Hey, anybody living in the New Mexico area…this is Dart (D’artagnan) and Carmel. They are six-year-old adorable doggies who need a new home. Their human is very sick with cancer and can no longer take proper care of them but the deal is they MUST be adopted together because they have been a family since they were just young puppies. Right now they are in foster care but the foster parents can’t keep them much longer. They are a male and female (a Maltese and a Pomeranian) and LOVE each other and need to stay together. They love kids and other animals and are house trained. They come when called and would love to find a new forever home…Does anyone have enough love in their heart to consider adopting them together? Pretty please? Please call the Atencios at 505-425-9122 0r 505-617-0836. Thank you and Woof, woof!

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