Happy Last Days of Summer!

Welcome to the Cool List, my blog about cool things happening in Santa Fe with photos, quotes and musings. Enjoy!


photo by Katie Rountree

Cool Pick of the Week: 

  • Saturday, September 17, at St John’s College Student Activities Center

    2:00pm Panel discussion with Seymour Bernstein, a virtuoso pianist, veteran New Yorker and true original who gave up a successful concert career to teach music along with his student Michael Kimmelman, NY Times art and architecture critic:  Life’s Pursuit: Work, meaning, and Connection. Free and open to the public!

    3:00pm Master Piano Class taught by Seymour Bernstein to students from SJC and New Mexico School for the Arts

Posts to Share:

  • Luncheon with Santa Fe Women to Women. Please join us Wednesday, Sept. 21 at noon at Cowgirl Restaurant. $25 at the door. Guest Speaker: Dr. Laura K. Marsh, an award-winning screenwriter & writer/producer. She will be talking about her latest project, “ACROSS THE AMAZONS”. RSVP to jodyville@yahoo.com

  • Anyone interested in be a part of a local WRITERS GROUP? We’re putting one together and if you’re interested in joining please email me: jodyville@yahoo.com

  • Amy Ferris, author, editor, screenwriter & memoirist with be here next month Oct. 21 & 22,  to teach one of her famous HERshops.  Click Here for more information.
    • HERshops: Our stories, woven together, are who we are and what we become. Long after we leave this world our stories will remain. When write our stories – and share them out-loud – we not only lift our own lives, we lift others as well. Telling our stories – confronting our truths, our fear, our anger, our shame – takes huge courage. Examining these truths leads to change. When we write our stories, we very often right our lives.

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Jody Feagan moved back to Santa Fe last year after a 25 year absence and began Santa Fe Women to Women as a way to engage and connect with other women in Santa Fe. She is  the founder and former director of the  San Miguel Writers Conference & Literary Festival in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Currently,  Jody works with authors and artists on their social media and marketing plafforms. Her website is JodyFeagan.com

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